In this issue, we examine a handful of the true American frontier success stories, beginning with the history of the famed 1866 Springfield Trapdoor infantry rifle reviewed by author Todd G. Lofgren, while writer Jim Dickson looks back at Davy Crockett’s legendary Kentucky long rifle known as “Old Betsy.” On the other side of the long arm coin are shotguns, and I take a long personal look back at one of my favorite subjects, the history of Winchester shotguns from the late 1870s to the early 20th century, followed by a review of the latest Winchester Model 1887 reproduction from Chiappa. Also reviewed are two side-by-side models from famous Russian arms-maker Baikal that recreate the 1880s-style double-barrel shotguns made famous in the hands of sportsmen and lawmen alike. Bringing it all back to the campfire, author Frank Jardim recounts the tale of Texas Ranger Bass Outlaw and his famous snub-nose Colt single action, I look back at the guns of Pancho Villa, Phil Spangenberger weaves a tale of the Western vest, writer Scott W. Wagner tests the latest single-action Bounty Hunter model from EAA, Denis Prisbrey shoots the latest .22 LR Ruger New Bearcat and Jorge Amselle puts lead through Umarex’s new Colt Peacemaker BB revolver. Wrapping it all up is my review of 10 great engraved single actions. So sit back in the saddle—there’s a long ride ahead! Look Inside »