Draw Like Doc Holliday

Put the iron on the pool table boys—can’t wear no guns in town no more…” The next time you hear this from some law dog you can comply with pride—if you’re packin’ a rig from Wild Guns Leather.

The company that turns out these handsome leather goods is headed by founder Jerry Ardolino, who is no stranger to gun totin’. Jerry’s designs are the result of his extensive street experience as a Chicago cop patrolling the infamous city’s most dangerous areas. For him, quick gun access was a life-or-death situation.

Many was the time that Jerry found himself in his patrol car needing a gun in hand without the street punks knowing that he had drawn his weapon. With his issue holster this was not possible. Drawing a strong-side mounted pistol while seated necessitates the raising of the shoulder, which “telegraphs” the draw to any observer. Not acceptable—not to Jerry! Solution? Cross draw. Whether seated in a cop car, card table, barstool or horse—or standing for that matter, the cross draw makes a lot sense.

Rig Details

The cross draw holsters of Wild Guns Leather offer a 60-degree cant which places the hand on the gun’s grip naturally, without any flexing of the wrist. The resulting draw is effortless, instinctive, efficient and quick.

Jerry’s enthusiasm for this configuration resulted in the line of holsters and belts you see here. During a phone conversation I realized that I wanted the black (“Arizona Dandy”) for my 4¾-inch SAA, the tooled (“Galveston Gun Hand”) in 5½-inch and the original finish (“Texas Throw-Down”) in 7½-inch. The antiqued finish of the “Throw-Down” is a time-consuming operation. Natural processes involve hand application of many steps to produce the desired finish. The hand-tooled items are a wonder to behold. There are only a couple of workers at “Wild Guns Leather” qualified to do this and they produce simply outstanding results!

The leather chosen for these rigs is quality single ply and the holsters do not have steel liners. The design permits easy rotation of the cylinder while in the holster without the need or weight of steel. The single ply belts provide a close fit, which accommodates any western fashion without bulk. I found this to be a welcomed complement to my “dude” outfit.