Tools Of The Trade for The Frontier

Custom leatherworking tools, Western holsters and hip-shooting enhancements!

like Wild Bunch competitions. The Wild Bunch is one of my favorite movies, and it’s the inspiration for the founders of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), who are known as the “Wild Bunch.” It is appropriate that CAS included the Colt .45 ACP and the Winchester Model 12, as used by the kid left behind in the bank in the movie. Triple K’s new “Wild K” rig is an inexpensive, traditional Western rig for the Colt 1911-style .45 ACP. It consists of a gun belt, a Mexican single-loop holster, a double magazine pouch and a four-round shotgun shell belt slide.
The gun belt is of a heavy, single thickness, top-grade cowhide, straight cut and 2.25 inches wide in a Ranger style, with a 1.5-inch solid brass horseshoe buckle. The double magazine pouch has two separate, open-top pockets wet-molded to enclose approximately half the length of the magazines. This presents the magazines for an easy, fast and secure grab for a reload.

A matching four-round belt slide holds four shotgun shells two-by-two in two leather loops. The loops are wet-molded for a tight friction fit, with two shells in each loop. A strip of leather is securely stitched in place horizontally beneath the loops to act as a shell stop. This slide is well executed and allows one to place the four extra shotgun shells whereever they wish on the gun belt. The heart of any CAS rig is the holster. Triple K’s Wild K holster is of traditional Mexican single-loop style. The open-top pouch encloses the Colt .45’s triggerguard, with a cutout for trigger finger access and an open toe. It has a full skirt and a separate, wide, oval-shaped loop securely stitched to the skirt. This is superior to the more common loop formed by cutting two slots in the skirt. The pouch is wet-molded for a secure friction fit to the pistol. In fact, I found it necessary to add a tie-down thong to secure the holster to my leg in order to easily draw my Colt .45 ACP.

All pieces of the rig have attractive matching border stamping and are finished in an attractive red-brown. Triple K’s Wild K rig is an inexpensive entry-level rig for Wild Bunch competition.

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