Custom Guns Roundup: 10 Instant Engraved Classics

Since its inception, the gun has always lent itself to visual enhancements in the form of engraving, plating with precious metals and stocks made of exotic woods or ornamental materials like mother of pearl, horn or tusk. The earliest surviving examples of the firearm dating back as far as the 14th century run from the plain and practical to the highly ornate and lavishly embellished, revealing that even in its earliest form, man could not resist “prettying up” his shootin’ irons.

Today, with the advent of acid etching and laser engraving, not to mention the ability of modern hand engravers to perform magic in metal with their air-driven tools, engraved firearms are more affordable than ever, so now even those of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon, or haven’t managed to invent the next big thing, can actually afford to own one or more of these present-day pieces of gun jewelry. In The Three Amigos, a cowboy famously asks, “Hey, where’d you get that pretty little gun?” Here’s where!



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