Frontier Gunleather Unveils New Concealment Holsters

The following is a press release from Frontier Gunleather

John Bianchi’s Frontier Gunleather is proud to introduce their newest design to their ever-expanding Conceal Carry line of holsters.

The CC 1 Model #245 is a revolutionary new holster! This Askins Avenger hybrid features a unique dual use system that enables the wearer to choose from either IWB (Inside the Waist Band) or OTB (On the Belt) with ease. This dual carry holster is versatile, comfortable and durable. It is offered for the 1911 platform, most Glock pistols, and medium size semi-autos. Model #245 CC 1 $125.00

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Another new addition to our concealment line is the El Poco Uno. The all new El Poco is a compact abbreviated style holster with a unique belt mounting system. Fully leather lined, saddle stitched and molded to your gun. Elegant, compact and comfortable. For most medium and large frame semi autos. El Poco Uno Model #255 $105.00

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And don’t forget our most popular holster to date “The Vulcan” Model #225. The Vulcan is a remake of the original Askins Avenger and continues to be a best seller. Now we are offering it fully leather lined for only $125.00.

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