VIDEO: Umarex’s New .177 Colt Peacemaker Replica

Few firearms have reached the iconic status with shooters around the world as the .45 Colt Peacemaker. First produced by Colt in 1873, these legendary six shooters helped tame the West and have come to signify the classic “cowboy” image to generations of enthusiasts since. But while shooting a cartridge-firing Single Action Army pistol could prove either expensive or damaging to a collectible, Umarex has stepped in to provide a dead-on airgun Peacemaker replica that provides all the aesthetics and fun on the range as the original.

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The Umarex Colt Peacemaker is a BB-cartridge-loading Single Action Army revolver that has the same look, feel and similar functional features of the .45 Colt Peacemaker sidearm. Featuring an all-metal frame with either a blued or nickel finish, the six-shot BB gun features realistic single-action revolver operation and ergonomics. The gun weighs a hand-filling 32 ounces and features a 5-inch barrel and a fixed front sight blade. Additionally, the Peacemaker’s C02 compartment is stored inside the revolver’s grip to maintain the iconic firearm’s standard grip shape.

For this new rendition of the Peacemaker, Umarex worked with the Marshals Museum of the frontier town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, to produce a limited-edition commemorative airgun based on the original Colt Peacemaker. The original firearm played an important role in the Old West, and this limited-edition airgun includes 500 airguns with a Marshals Museum emblem in the grips. The first gun, marked “#1 of 500,” will be placed in the Marshals Museum.

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The Umarex Colt Peacemaker is built to fire .177 steel BBs and offers Single Action Shooting Society members a versatile and budget-friendly training platform to perfect their competition skills. Whether you’re backyard plinking or have an eye for all things related to the Single Action Army, this is one replica you need to check out.

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