21 ‘New’ Old West Guns for 2016

The year is already off to a good start. At the close of 2015, Western films such as The Hateful Eight and The Revenant were released. Now, in 2016, several historic cowboy companies are celebrating anniversaries and a few companies that had uncertain futures are making a comeback. The following is a glimpse into some of the new, and a few of the popular old, models of Western rifles, handguns and shotguns. This year already has seen a distinct emphasis on commemorating milestones while still improving on respected technologies to push the West into the future.

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Cimarron Firearms
cimarron-firearms.com; 877-749-4861

EMF Company
emf-company.com; 800-430-1310

Italian Firearms Group
italianfirearmsgroup.com; 800-450-1852

Navy Arms
navyarms.com; 304-274-0004


rossiusa.com; 800-948-8029

Taylor’s & Co. Firearms
taylorsfirearms.com; 540-722-2017




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