On the cover are three gun rigs that are unmistakable from any others—icons from an era when Westerns ruled the airwaves and the silver screen. TV shows and movies were a great influence on America’s youth in the post-WWII era, and most of us who enjoy reading Guns of the Old West grew up on John Wayne Westerns and watching The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Maverick, Bonanza and so many others that an entire generation (and a generation that grew up on reruns, too) can still relate to the characters. History played a great role in the creation of many early TV and movie Westerns, and it is with history in mind that much of this issue is focused on famous original guns and the men who carried them, including Buffalo Bill Cody and his rare Bullard repeating rifle, as chronicled by author Frank Jardim. Dr. Steven C. Small examines the equally rare Springfield Trapdoor pistols developed after the Civil War for General William T. Sherman, and Cody Firearms Museum Associate Curator Ashley Hlebinsky reveals the story behind the great Winchester and Colt manufacturing wars of the 1870s. Our resident Western haberdasher Phil Spangenberger explains the popularity of buckskins in the Old West, and Mike Beliveau tests Uberti’s .44-40 Henry rifle. You’ll also get the inside story on the latest Western guns, including Pedersoli’s Doc Holliday .38, Taylor’s new Outlaw laser-engraved sixguns, Ruger’s .357 Magnum Bisley Vaquero and the Air Venturi John Wayne Peacemaker air pistol. So turn that stud around and head toward the campfire—we’ve got some words for you. Look Inside »

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